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5 perfect wines for summer

There are so many great wines out there, but which ones are best for summer? Most of us just go for any chilled one - it is one way. But next time you go to a bar, restaurant or just want to pick something in the shop, try one from the list below. You will not be disappointed!

MyHappyWines recommendations for summer wines:

1. Drink Pink

When it comes to summer wines, it is hard to beat the refreshing qualities of a

well-crafted rosé. Even though rosé wines are generally the order of the (summer) day, there is a huge variety available now. This cute accent above the Ros“e” already reveals it - the French Côtes de Provence Rosé still rules and is therefore likely to remain the Queen’s preferred choice. Unfortunately, the Provence Rosé can be a diva so the really good ones also come with a royal price.

Real men wear pink, too!?

There are great, pink alternatives to complement an afternoon on the patio, at the lake, or in the park. For example, Pinot Noir Rosé (also called Blanc de Noirs) from Germany. By the way boys, a couple of champagnes are produced from that grape, too. These mineral, dry wines (and please opt for the dry versions) are an ideal companion for a summer picnic and get their creme-like colour from being allowed some contact to the deeply-red skin after the grapes were pressed. Other fine and more fruity options include Grenache Rosé from Spain and Sangiovese Rosé from Italy.

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2. Il Classico

Pinot Grigio, while named after its greyish-blue grapes but usually golden in the glass, is a Pinot-family white wine and seems born to be drunk in the summer months. It is usually an affordable white wine, but quality varies broadly and good value-for-(little)money is more difficult to find.

Nevertheless, Pinot Grigio (aka Pinot Gris aka Grauburgunder) deserves its place at the table. Acidity levels of Pinot Grigio can range from low to high, depending on how early the grapes are picked, but the serious contenders from Northern Italy typically come with medium alcohol and a fresh taste that fits just perfect to seafood or a seafood BBQ over summer.

3. The people’s favorite(s)

While the popular Chardonnay is the people’s favourite, Sauvignon Blanc just follows hot on the heels and you can find options for both on virtually all wine lists. Chardonnay can be light and sometimes rather neutral in taste which makes it easy to sip (constantly) during hot summer days.

The excellent bold, buttery, oak-rich Chardonnay wines fit better to an evening dinner - all year round.

Also Sauvignon Blanc is famous in many wine-producing countries given this high-quality grape can grow in a range of climates. And the crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, with its aromas of green grass, flowers and herbs, just surprises you with tastes of grapefruit and passion fruit once in your mouth. Plus it’s boozy, what’s not to like?

4. The (un)hidden gem

Long unknown to the world beyond the coasts of Italian Lake Garda, the Lugana white wines are named after the small region in which they are produced. However, the Trebbiano grape used for the Lugana was already mentioned shortly after Jesus birth. So we can only be grateful that the people from the few cities around the lake have decided to finally share the wine with us (or was it the Lake Garda tourists?).

Lugana can have a yellow-greenish colour mirroring its taste of apples or pears that perfectly complements a light outside “aperitivo” during summer with your friends & family.

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5. You cannot go wrong with bubbles

And of course there is one more - bubbles! Who does not like them, right? From champagne, cava, Italian prosecco, they are all great for a summer (not just celebration!) and as an aperitivo. We recommend any dry, crisp one. Check our Bubble bath and get 3 different bubbles straight to your home!

Also if you have balcony or garden planned instead of the Lago this summer, do not worry.!With these 5 great wines, you will definitely enjoy your sunny days! We wish you a great #MyHappyWines summer. Share your experiences in the comments.