Sneak Peek!

We know that trust has to be built.

We are very focussed on your #HappySurprise as it is a part of the MyHappyWines experience. For us, that means making sure you get fantastic wines at a great price. 


So we test & taste dozens of wines, visit wineries and check our suppliers (what a job, right?). Only the few we consider the best make it into MyHappyWines packages or into the Wine adventure subscription plans. 

Spoiler Alert! 

But we still know that before you order, you want to make sure you will get the quality. Check some samples of the great wines that made the cut.  Every package  will also be rated by #MyHappyWines customers! This way we make sure that we match the expectations. 

Which wines come in your package? #HappySurprise

Still not sure? Check what the wine blogger Fräulein Rebe has written about us: review.