Dolce vita starts with good wine

Let us take you on a wine adventure.


It's all about the experience

Learn about wine in a modern way

No idea which bottle to pick in the shop?

Are you staring at the wine menu without a clue what all the wines are about?

Or maybe you just want an experience to learn something new and fun, and drink some great wines along the way?

Let MyHappyWines take you on a wine journey!

Each month you will get a package with 3 different wines from one country, fun & interactive learning content plus a surprise gift.

You can cancel anytime, so why not give it a go?


We have your back

 Wine packages for every occasion

Looking for great quality wines at an affordable price, but hate the hassle of choosing?

Or do you simply like wine as much as us and want to try something new?

Choose one of our carefully handpicked sets!

We have tasted over 150 wines to prepare some exciting combinations for you.

White wine or mixed packages perfect for summer? Rosé?  Sparkling? Maybe organic!  Or red for those rainy days?  Simply pick your favourite.


Which wines come in your package?

Let us give you a Happy Surprise! 

MyHappyWines Blog

Tips and practical facts about wine

Wine Decanter

Our Story

Love at first sight and a passion for wine

Our story as a couple has been an unusual one – though we faced a lot of obstacles, there has been nothing but love ever since our first date.  And whilst finding a love for each other, we also discovered our other love.….for wine


But our passion for wines started with very different beginnings…


Laura had just came out of university and had started to work full-time.  She decided it was finally time to ditch the vodka and cheap drinks for the more refined wine world. 

Laura’s wishes? Wines needed to be drinkable and affordable.


Chris entered his wine journey in a more sophisticated way having already rated more than 750 wines on Vivino – but who really knows what the real number has been!

More requirements = higher prices.

And so the idea for MyHappyWines was born. Our goal is to share our experiences by offering you great quality wines at an affordable price..…and maybe finding you some real gems along the way!


The heart of the business lies in the wine experience itself: every month, we want to take you on a journey. You will taste a hand-picked selection of wines from one country, learning a bit more about the bottles as you go.  But not in an old, boring way….instead we’ll focus on making this a fun and interactive experience.


After all, wine is a life-long journey, let’s go on it together!

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